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Friday, June 15, 2007

Conversations with Alex, #8 - A Nice Way to End an Argument

Last night, Alex was very tired and cranky before bed, and resisted every step of our usual bedtime routine. As time wore on, that made me tired and cranky, too. It finally came to a head in this argument over which book we should read:

Me: You pick a book.

Alex: No, you pick one.

Me: But you never like the books I pick.

Alex: You pick one.

Me: OK, how about this one?

Alex: No. I don't like that one.

Me: Then you pick one.

Alex: No, you pick.

Me: I just picked one and you didn't like it.

Alex: Pick another one.

Me: No, you pick one.

Alex: No.

Me (getting angry now): Alex, you never want the books I pick, so if you want me to read something, you're going to have to pick one. Go.

He goes and gets a book.

I open it and I open my mouth to start reading.

Alex: No, stop. Close it.

He firmly closes the book in my hands.

Me: Now what?

Alex: I didn't like [the tone of] your voice. I just wanted to say that to you.

Me: OK.

Alex: Now you can read.

And we did.

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