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Saturday, December 22, 2007

Conversations with Alex #9 - The Third Gender

Recently, Alex and his friend Gabriel were playing with Alex's toy cars. Gabriel asked if Alex's cars were male or female. Alex said his cars were male. Gabriel said his cars were both male and female. Not to be outdone, Alex said his cars were male, female and e-mail.

Conversations with Alex #10 - A Holiday Gift

(Much of the humor in these is scatological - for that I apologize. But when you're talking with toddlers and preschoolers, for whom toilet issues are a major part of life, it kind of goes with the territory.)

In December, Alex's preschool class worked hard at learning the Hebrew letters on the Dreidel (nun, hay, gimmel and shin). During this period, he and I were standing in the bathroom one morning and he looked over at the cats' litter box in the corner. "Hey, look - for Hanukkah, one of the cats made a 'shin' poop!" (Actually, it was a 'hay,' but I was laughing too hard to correct him.)

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