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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Breathing Room

My second day in a row of at-home desk/work time. This means - or should mean - that I got a lot of extraneous things done yesterday, so should be able to concentrate on some major tasks today. Unfortunately, the world had other plans yesterday (e.g. the printer issues - see below), so I didn't get as much done as I hoped. But there was some progress. We'll see what the world has in store today.

The World's Allowances

- Spent half an hour starting the baseboard painting (I figure if I can squeeze in half an hour a day for the next few days, I can get the living room put back together sometime next week - after almost three months of being torn up for December's floor refinishing project).

- Finished the two neighborhood school flyers I was struggling with yesterday and hand-delivered them to the school. Too late for this week's newsletter, but will make it for next week.

- Caught up on more old e-mail.

- Finally installed the Microsoft Office update I bought a few weeks ago. Of course, for some reason, my computer didn't want to recognize the disk drive, and then the drive didn't want to read the disk, which wasted an extra hour before I successfully completed the install.

- Updated the grant database and "hot list" for the grantwriting committee for Alex's school (took a bit longer than normal because I had to hunt down instructions for some basic actions in the new versions of Word and Excel).

- Printed out copies of the updated documents for our meeting tonight.

- Spent a few more hours researching the six grants I need to report on tonight

- Scanned, edited and added a photo to Alex's blog header

- Attended 7 pm grantwriting committee meeting

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