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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Desk Day 3

Third day in a row of having time at my desk to work. Wonderful...if I can stay focused. Hope it doesn't turn into one of those days with too much to do, but a brain that refuses to cooperate. That seems to happen too often on days like this. It's as if my subconscious says, "Hey, you don't have any meetings today -- time to play or at least work on fun stuff!" Sigh. If only...

The Real Work

- Put in my promised-to-myself half hour on the baseboards. Discovered the masking tape I put down on the freshly-refinished floor leaked a bit and now there are some very stubborn paint drips on the floor along the baseboard section I painted yesterday. Spent most of my time trying (not completely successfully) trying to scrape up the drips. Didn't make much forward progress on the rest of the baseboards.

- Posted a nice little essay Alex wrote at school on his new blog, which I think is just about ready for prime time. Check it out at http://www.alexwheeltricks.wordpress.com

- Spent some time researching a liquor permit some Neighborhood Council stakeholders are up in arms about (had to find out what hours a certain restaurant is legally allowed to sell alcohol, and whether a new application is for the same hours they've got now, or an extension).

- Pulled together a draft of the Neighborhood Council Land Use Committee agenda that must be posted/distributed today. It involved reviewing a month's worth of notes, lists, minutes, mail and other requests, and contacting half a dozen potential presenters to see whether or not they still want to be on the agenda.

- Answered a number of e-mail messages from someone I've been going around and around on regarding several Neighborhood Council invoice payments. She keeps asking why the bills aren't paid yet and I keep getting telling her it's because various documents are either incomplete or haven't been received yet. Found out later we can pay at least two of them with a credit card, which will make things MUCH easier, and after a couple of phone conversations got them both paid. Unfortunately, the other three won't be as easy.

- Posted and distributed the Land Use agenda.

- After discovering an error in the distributed agenda (and correcting it and re-distributing), declared myself brain dead at 5:15 and formally quit trying to be productive.

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