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Monday, February 21, 2011

Getting Back on Track

Once again, the best laid plans for a catch-up long weekend (four straight days without any meetings!!), got KO'd by something I couldn't control (mostly the headache, traces of which are back today but I hope won't last long).

Now, on day 4, I have four hours of work time to do about four days' worth of work, and head into both the day and week feeling completely hopeless -- it's not all going to get done, things will slip through the cracks and people will be rightly upset with me because of it. One of those situations that makes it almost impossible to start because absolutely everything needs to be done first. (I have something like 30 e-mails each to catch up on for both the church and the Neighborhood Council, and most of them contain requests for things I need to get done Right Away. And that's just the spur of the moment stuff -- doesn't even count the things on the long-term and ongoing lists for both of those. And then there's the PTA meeting tomorrow morning, for which I still have to write and distribute minutes and send out reminders.)

The Scramble

- Picked up the house a bit (less than 48 hours until the cleaning lady comes; much more to go)
- Did two loads of laundry
- Proofread church newsletter draft (I'm part of the monthly editorial team)
- Wrote agenda and minutes for tomorrow's PTA Executive Board meeting
- Answered a bit of e-mail (may have gotten a step closer to resolving the NC billing issues)
- Had a brief phone conference to go over the latest new page comps with the NC's website designer
- Updated and distributed the PTA membership roster
- After the sitter left, I spent about an hour working on the baseboards
- Read a little
- Cleaned up the kitchen (first time I've seen all the counters at once in a couple of weeks)
- Made ravioli soup for dinner
- Introduced Alex to the classic "Dick Van Dyke Show" with the great "Uhny Uftz" episode
- Picked up Alex's room while Dan read to him

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