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Friday, February 18, 2011

Grinding to a Halt

After three days of good productivity, today it all ground to a halt. Found out a couple of days ago that what I thought was a three-day weekend for Alex for Presidents' Day is really a four-day weekend. The sitter did agree to come today, but not until 3:00 (Dan and I have to go out tonight, so she'll be here until 10-ish). So I just had to accept that nothing productive was going to get done. Waking up with a headache didn't help either.

What Happened Instead of Work

- Took Alex to Target to buy a birthday present for yet another birthday party this weekend. Wound up with $100 in other necessary household items, too. (Gotta love Target - every $10 birthday present I go in for seems to cost $100 in other things before I get out the door.)

- Helped Alex build a huge marble run (though for the first time ever, he did about 90% of the work).

- Picked up the house a bit.

- Put in my half hour on the baseboards. Almost half done.

- Ate dinner, took a bath and went to the LA Phil with Dan (one of our four yearly concerts).

(Overall, this is a pretty minimal list, but it's actually not bad for a day with a migraine - at least I stayed on my feet, more or less, all day.)

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