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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Headache - Day 3

The good news is that my headache was just about gone for good when I woke up this morning. The bad news is that, as often happens on the day after a headache, I was so thoroughly exhausted that I got just as little done as I would have with the actual headache pain. So much for my long weekend of catch-up time.

Lost Day #3

- Biked to Larchmont Village with Dan, Alex and some friends. Felt OK during the outing, but so tired I could hardly stay upright afterward.

- Walked the dog, did the weekly spa maintenance and napped while Dan took Alex to yet another birthday party.

- Made myself a quick dinner, since the others had pizza at the party.

- Read to Alex for more than an hour. (His book of choice tonight: "Fast Food Nation." Yes, really. We read the section on the industry's practice of advertising to children - led to some interesting conversation.)

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