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Sunday, February 13, 2011

I Love Cancelled Meetings

My favorite kind of meeting these days is a cancelled meeting. I was supposed to meet with the neighborhood council treasurer this morning to finish up some paperwork, but he cancelled...and I was thrilled. Aside from various chores and errands, I'm taking the day off. (That also means skipping the installation ceremony for our new minister, which I do feel bad about missing...but I'm just too tired.)

What I Did on My Day Off:

- Two loads of laundry
- A miniature jigsaw puzzle (234 pieces in about 3" x 4")
- Took a bath
- Arranged Alex's playdates for the day
- Got Dan to do some long-delayed tech repairs on the new business site
- Answered a little (not much) e-mail
- Played Farmville for about an hour
- Took a nap
- Bought crickets (it's our turn to feed the second grade's class frog) and a new bulb for the lava lamp
- Made dinner and did a huge load of dishes left over from yesterday's baking
- Ate dinner with everyone at the table at the same time (a rarity!)
- Had a long soak in the hot tub with Alex
- Put Alex to bed
- Went to bed

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