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Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Monday is Optimism (or is that Denial) Day

Ran across a short piece yesterday (in Consumer Reports, of all places) on the medical benefits of denial. Turns out when people who are seriously ill can muster a small amount of denial about their situation, they are also more optimistic...and those who are most optimistic tend to have greater rates of survival.

I find that no matter how much I have to do, and no matter how far behind I am, if I get just a bit done on the weekend, I'm somehow more optimistic about the week to come. So Monday does tend to be Optimism (or is that Denial) Day. At least for a few minutes. At least until I get to my desk. At least until I remember all the things I didn't get done on the weekend.

OK, optimism's over. Starting to panic now about final arrangements for the NC's city council candidate forum on Wednesday...and our serious shortage of microphones for said event. And today's a short day because our sitter doesn't come on Mondays, so I have to leave at 3 to pick Alex up from his after-school science class.

The Daily Progress:

- Phoned nearby school and e-mailed them video links showing the kids who tagged our garage on Friday
- Walked dog to the vet's office to buy prescription cat food (we ran out right around dinner time last night and the cats have been righteously cranky ever since).
- Returned various Neighborhood Council phone calls
- Researched microphone rentals for the candidate forum, got approval, booked the rental
- Talked to School Police (called in by the school after the taggers were ID'd)
- Wrote agenda for PTA board meeting; distributed agenda and minutes
- Send out reminder e-mail and Facebook posts about the candidate forum
- Picked up Alex
- Went grocery shopping
- Supervised homework
- Made dinner
- Had family meeting about Alex's report card (and how we're going to convert the "unsatisfactory" in penmanship to something better)

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