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Wednesday, February 23, 2011


This is one of those days when I mean well, but the aftermath of a busy day just kicks my brain into stall mode and I sputter out. Despite a cancelled meeting this morning (my favorite kind!), and some unexpected time for work, I just look around at all the things I need to do, realize how many of them I'm seriously behind on or about to fall behind on, and have no idea where to pick up and start.

I also just read yet another piece about the big Huffington Post sale to AOL, in which a journalist laments the dying profession and the pitiful would-be journalists who earnestly ply their trade for the HuffPo and other organizations with ever-fading hopes of compensation, and I am even more depressed than ever about my ability to ever again be paid for what I do. This is probably common for all "full-time volunteers," (and, increasingly, most writers) at least from time to time, but it's really starting to put a dent in my self esteem. Not feeling particularly good about any of it today.


- Got house picked up for cleaning person
- Made it to 8:30 budget committee meeting at the neighborhood school, but found it cancelled for lack of a quorum. Spent a while chatting with an administrator, parent and teacher about some behind-the-scenes issues (probably learned more from that chat than I would have from the meeting), then updated the librarian on book fair plans.
- Came home and downloaded a bunch of materials for the book fair.
- Caught up on a bit of e-mail.
- Posted monthly pictures to Flickr

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