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Monday, February 14, 2011


Today was one of those days I don't even get to sit down at my desk, much less actually do anything. Just moving all day and hoping no one's trying to contact me about any sort of work that needs to be done immediately.


- Drove Alex to school
- Met with book fair committee at Alex's school
- On the recommendation of one of the moms on the book fair committee, stopped off at a big bookstore that's going out of business and came away with a huge stack of books for Alex at pennies on the dollar
- Got home just in time to change clothes and head off to women's club luncheon
- Attended luncheon, where I also brainstormed with business partner friend
- Stopped on the way home to do a bit of grocery shopping
- Got call from a friend whose dog is dying and needed a place to take a nap while waiting for a call back from the emergency vet (vet's office is much nearer my house than hers)
- Went home and changed clothes and sheets on guest bed
- Welcomed friend and got her and her husband settled in
- Went to pick up Alex at school
- Supervised Alex's homework, made dinner and chatted with friends, who were up from their nap
- After friends headed back to the vet's office, got Alex ready for bed (which took longer than normal because he was completely immersed in his stack of new books)

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