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Friday, February 11, 2011


When the day starts with moving a ton of dirt - literally - by hand, things can get even more tiring than they usually do. It's a little after noon right now and I'm ready for bed.

Things moved today:

- Starting at 7:30 a.m., helped two other people transfer about a ton of dirt into a large garden bed at the neighborhood school with shovels and wheelbarrow.
- Attended parent meeting on literacy because I was supposed to give a school tour after the event, but only five people showed up, and they were all school regulars, so no one needed a tour.
- Found out that the school committee that was supposed to have been meeting for the last couple of months to figure out how to spend a $77,000 windfall that must be spent before the end of the school year (or the school will lose the money) hasn't been meeting. Volunteered to be on the committee and set up a meeting for next week.
- Talked to my partner in the school garden project about coming up with a quick sketch/plan to use part of the windfall money to build new garden beds in some recently vacated space on the campus.
- Had phone meeting with Scholastic regarding the upcoming book fair at the neighborhood school
- Drove downtown to pick up the new neighborhood council parking pass; also stopped at Office Depot for a couple of necessary supplies
- Got home just before Alex got home from school
- Answered a bit of e-mail
- Left at 4:45 for Parents' Night Out at Alex's school (teachers babysit the kids in a big pajama party while the parents go out
- Had a nice Indian dinner with Dan, then saw "The Fighter" (neither of us can remember the last time we actually saw a grown-up movie in a theater)
- Picked Alex up at school at 9:30
- Drove home and put Alex to bed
- Answered e-mail and hung out on Facebook for a while
- Finally went to bed at 11:45 (after being ready for bed, as noted earlier, since about noon)

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