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Saturday, February 05, 2011

Weekends are for Catching Up...But that Never Happens

When you're a freelancer, or any other kind of non-9-to-5er, the week doesn't end on Friday. Weekends are your catch-up time. But that somehow never happens. My goal today was to get up early and start with the NC budget chores I didn't get to yesterday...but I couldn't rouse myself until 7:30, and then spent the next couple of hours tidying the house, since our cleaning person comes this week. Also did some basic weekly back yard chores (picked up dog poop, did the weekly spa maintenance) and washed down the garage door so it can be painted (see yesterday's post). Still need to tie up some loose ends from yesterday's school business, and still need to do all the NC financial stuff...before heading off to our early book group meeting at 1:45 (which will eat up the rest of the day). Other things that need to be done this weekend include distributing neighborhood association newsletters and event flyers on our street, and chasing down one last signature for that long-overdue traffic petition.

What Actually Got Done:

- Tidied kitchen, living & dining rooms
- Basic back yard chores
- Prepped garage door
- Finished loose ends from yesterday's school meeting (filing, e-mail, etc.)
- Mediated disputes while Dan, Alex and a friend painted the garage door
- Took a quick bath
- Went to book group meeting...in Palos Verdes

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