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Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Fear is Good

Although it started out with a long morning meeting (which was supposed to have been two meetings; one of them got postponed), fear of completely dropping the ball on every last thing I'm working on finally got to me today. And fear has always been one of my best motivators.

What Fear Does

- Attended a 3-hour budget committee meeting at the neighborhood school
- Came home, updated the agenda for the postponed PTA executive board meeting
- E-mailed a person I've been needing to contact about doing a presentation to neighborhood school parents on the benefits of a 501(c)3 booster group for the school
- Wrote minutes for another school budget committee meeting tomorrow
- Uploaded photos and created a small photo album for shots from a recent church event on the church website (but broke something in the process...which I then wasted too much time trying unsuccessfully to fix)
- Fielded several calls from a friend trying to muddle through some computer problems and made an appointment to go help her next week
- Edited a couple of sermon audio recordings and caught up on about two weeks' worth of miscellaneous church website and mailing list updates
- Read and answered a lot more e-mail
- Put in an order for a captionist to help a deaf stakeholder at our NC board meeting next week
- Spent a bit of time researching books to pitch at this weekend's book group meeting

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