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Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Desk Days

Finally, a second day in a row where the path seems clear for productivity. It's amazing how much smoother things go when there are consecutive days for desk work. In fact, it might not be a bad idea to schedule desk days on my calendar, and try to work some of the meetings around them. As it is, when I get out of meetings now, very often, instead of going home to do the required follow-up tasks, I either rush directly into another meeting, or home to prepare for the next meeting...and then none of the real work gets done. As a result, desk days have come to feel almost like vacations, despite the fact that they're when I get my real work done. As if that makes any sense at all.

Desk Day Done

- Attended another 2-hour budget meeting at the neighborhood school
- Came home and answered a bit of urgent e-mail
- Did some online research on church website architecture for the church project and did a bit of brainstorming on how to organize a couple of sections of the new site
- Looked up a couple of corporate grant opportunities for the neighborhood school
- Printed out and filed information from Monday's subway station meeting
- Updated the grant opportunity "hot list" for Alex's school
- Went over the latest Neighborhood Council website comps and had a phone consultation with the designer to discuss minor changes and next steps
- Spoke with one of the vendors the NC has been trying to pay and finally got the payment worked out
- Filled out and pulled together documentation for several demand warrants and the quarterly credit card reconciliation report for the NC, so the treasurer can sign them at a meeting tomorrow morning

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