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Sunday, March 06, 2011

Weekends Hate Me; They Really Hate Me

For the last week, I've been really stressing out about finishing the architecture plan for the church website, with very little time to work on it. But Friday night I finally found some time, and then a bit more on Saturday morning...so when I scheduled a Sunday afternoon playdate for Alex, which would give me a solid four-hour block of work time on Sunday, I was actually optimistic that I might be caught up by Monday morning.


Alex has had a cold for about a week, but aside from one earache, it hasn't been serious and hasn't kept him from fairly normal activity. On Friday, however, just as he should have been recovering, he seemed drippier and more congested again...and also had a headache for most of the day. It continued to get worse on Saturday. Then, on Saturday evening, he had a bit of a fever...and on Sunday morning he still had it, and the headache came back. He felt so crummy that even he agreed we should cancel the playdate (something he'd never say if he didn't really feel bad). So there went the work time. Didn't get even a single minute.

How the Work Time Disappears

- Dropped Alex off at a friend's house at 8:45 a.m. on Saturday and made it to a 9 a.m. meeting with a mortgage broker to discuss a possible refinance of our house. Took only five minutes to figure out the numbers just didn't make sense (we should have done it six months ago - that would have worked).
- Got home in time to squeeze in an hour of work before Alex came home.
- Biked en famile to the local library and checked out a stack of books.
- Came home to read e-mail while Dan and Alex biked to a burger place for lunch.
- Alex's friend came over to play for several hours, so I lightly supervised the playdate while doing a few weekend chores and researching books for book group pitches.
- Fed the boys dinner, then dropped Alex off at his cousin's so Dan and I could go to the book group meeting.
- Picked Alex up, got him to bed and conked out myself.
- On Sunday morning, got everyone out the door to the local coffee shop by 8:30, where Alex played on a computer and drank cocoa while Dan and I attended a neighborhood association board meeting.
- By the end of the meeting, Alex said his head hurt so bad he was dizzy, and on the way home we decided to cancel the afternoon playdate.
- Dan watched Alex for an hour while I ran out to church to pay for this year's silent auction wins.
- Came home, got Alex bathed and helped him write two blog posts. Then read to him while he did his handwriting practice (which always takes at least five times longer than it should).
- Ate dinner and wrote another blog post with Alex (at his request), and put him to bed.

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